Friday, August 25, 2006

Ivory-bills LiVE!!: -- The Rumor Mill --

Ivory-bills LiVE!!: -- The Rumor Mill --
I hope this bird lives, and in my state. If it does, I'll be after it. There's been a buncha talk on BirdForum about the IBWO possibly being sited here or there, but something that seems to be quiet is a thread started about a near Tallahassee sighting. I'll let you find it out.
I appreciate the scepticism shared in much of the community about the Arkansas sighting. I think it will be born out in the end to be a true sighting.

The GB and KT Kinda Nearly Multi-Time Weekly Bird Sighting Update
Ok, so maybe that's a long title, but hey, I like extremes. Shortly after 10:30 today Katie and I took a short bikeride. I was short because of rain. Fortunately, I decided to turn around before it started to rain, but we still got wet. For birsd, we only saw two species, Red Bellied Woodpecker, and Blue Jay. We really weren't out all that long. It's been a pretty rainy day today. We've been needing it, but I hope it clears up by Monday, which will be my next opportunity for some serious birding.
We shall see!!

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