Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Change in Routine

Ok, So it's been a crazy weekend.
No biking and no birding saturday or sunday. On Monday, I was working with a friend of mine in Orlando, so nothing then either. It's still hot outside, so I decided that Katie and I needed to stay a little closer to home and not work as hard. We went for a walk today instead, started out about 10:45, Got back about 11:15. In reality we walked for as long as we usually bike, but I don'twork nearly as hard walking as biking. I also took along some binoculars, a field guide, and a notepad for recording what we saw. Most noteworthy birds were a family (I suppose) of Northern Flickers, foraging on the ground. There were at least three seperate birds, possibly more. If the Katie wakes up in time, we are going to try hitting Saddle Creek Park.
Until Then,
GB & KT bid you good day!

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