Friday, February 23, 2007

Strange Winter, Maybe Spring will Be Different...

Seems like the KT will become a sibling sometime in October!! My wife is pregnant and due 10/10/2007. I guess we'll see if we make it all the way this time...

In bird news, KT and I have not biked in a while. I know I know. It's been about a month, we have been since the new year, I just haven't been keeping things updated. We have noticed a few things around the house though.

KT has acquired the art of mimicing the sound of a Barred Owl. It's great, you ask her, "What does an Owl Say?" and she hoots "Whoo-who-who-whooooo!" Sometimes the syllables get blurred, but she was introduced to the bird when one in the neighborhood was close to our house. While I worked away at the warehouse, KT heard her first Barred and kept askin' her mommma, "wassat?" and "wha-is-it?" It's great.

Also, the butter-butts have finally arrived. I wondered when Yellow-Rumped Warblers would finally filter down our way, and within the last couple of weeks, they have made themselves the dominant warbler force in the area. The American Robins give their chirps also, keeping things lively.
We get our Robins in the winter down here ya'll...
I'll have another update soon, KT and I will get out a little more when the weather steadies out!

Until then, happy birding!