Monday, September 03, 2007

On the Cusp...

We seem to be at the edge of Migration. Last week KT and I saw our first Red-Eyed Vireo of the season. Well, it was KT's first ever, so I thought that was neet. We've been having a pretty good time. Hopefully by the time Saturday gets here, we will be able to go on a Saddle Creek Park trip with the Audubon society. There has been, from what I understand, a male golden-winged warbler hanging around. That would be a nice bird! People across central Florida are starting to see more migrants. An Olive Sided Flycatcher apparently showed up in the north too!

Strange times. Wish I had some off time.

My wife is off today, but I have to work. I am going out with her to do some shopping.
See you all later! Tomorrow, KT and I go a walking.

Oh, KT has her own Binoculars now!! She's only dropped them once... ;-)
GB and KT