Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting Outside

I have to go to school today.

Yesterday Katie and I didn't ride our bikes, but we did spend a lot of time playing in the yard. I believe it's important to play with your kids. It teaches them that they are important to you, and that you enjoy being with them. She has this little plastic fairie doll, and we took it all over the porch!

Keeping your kids busy teaches them to think. I taught Katie to "Whish" her little doll, she'll hold it by the string on the back, and twirl it around saying "Whish" making this little fairie girl fly. I guess you could count that as a bird ;-). We did see a few bird species, two Northern Flickers, many Blue Jays, a Northern Cardinal, and the resident Mockingbirds. Not many birds in all, but considering that it was hot, and Katie hasn't been too enthusiastic about riding out in the heat, I was glad to leave the Bike home. So maybe tomorrow I can bird it out to Circle B Bar ranch. Dunno yet.

Now I gots to get me ready for school.
I can't wait to see more ducks as the season rolls in! I know most people get excited about warblers, but I like waterfowl...

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