Monday, October 30, 2006

An Attempt at Some Pictures...

Ok, So this is a picture I took on Last Monday's outing. I call it Two Blues because it features a Little Blue and Great Blue Heron. Camera was a Digital Rebel, stock zoom lens at f5.6, 55mm. Don't remember the speed, and I used an image editor to colorbalance and crop the picture. It's an experimental picture with interesting subject Matter. Earlier in the month, Katie, Mommy, and me went to Daytona to visit my parents. They have a timeshare there, and I actually got some good pictures there too. One picture I consider to be a quality image is of a snowy Egret. I had to crop it to get the right composition, as I only have one lense at the moment. i think I might offer prints of it for sale to help raise money for lenses, bicycles, bins, scopes, etc. so you guys can have something really great to read and look at and not just my usual drivel.
I'll post the snowy on another post, keep the downloading easy. We rode today also, and I'll have to look at the pictures I took of an anhinga. With a 600mm lense, it would have been a snap to get a good one.
Have fun with yer Kids, it's the best time I've ever had!

GB and KT

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