Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Not a Bad Baseball Hitting Average

We participated in the Global Big Day on May 9th! Didn't make it to Holloway Park or Lake Hollingsworth, but we did get out there and do some birding.

We went to Circle B Bar ranch and observed birds as a part of the Global Big Day. Our submitted list contained 23 species. Skies were clear, weather good, temp warm. Highlight of the day from my perspective was seeing 15 American White Pelicans flying above.

Somewhere out there is a Great Egret, and other waders and wonders.

"I gotta write down that I saw a great egret, a great blue heron, and an Alligator!"

It was nice out there, but got hot, wish would could go swimming here.

What was that Little blue heron doing?

We didn't just see birds, we also saw this beauty as well!

All in all it was a good trip, and we had fun seeing some birds.
Here's the official list:

BIRD (number observed)

Mourning dove (1)
Red-bellied woodpecker (2)
Tufted Titmouse (2)
Northern Cardinal (2)
Carolina Wren (heard 1)
Little Blue Heron (4)
White Ibis (17)
Osprey (2)
Glossy Ibis (2)
Snowy Egret (3)
Limpkin (2)
Double-crested comorant (2)
Great Blue Heron (3)
Common gallinule (9)
Tricolored heron (1)
Boat-tailed Grackle (2)
Anhinga (4)
Red-winged blackbird (1)
Cattle Egret (1)
American White Pelican (15)
Black-bellied whistling-ducks (2)
Great-crested flycatcher (2)
White-eyed vireo (1)

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