Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spring has Come and Gone??

I have some birding results from April, but realy don't know what I should do with them. The computer nerd in me wants to construct a program to read the lists KT and I made and compile some uber-information for everyone to look at. I suppose that's valuable.... to a geek....
What about everyone else? I mean, Birding is all about data, biking is all about the process. We haven't been biking in a while though.

In April we did set a new specie record. I've been constructing a pretty good blog about our experiences for the month of April, which has been by far our most birdy month. My little girl turns 2 sunday coming, and shee's getting to the point where birding is part of a routine...

It's awesome to have your kid tell you they want to go see purple gallinules!

See you a little later, KT and I have some birding to do!
GB and KT

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Anonymous said...

the only good birds are the ones that are fried, broiled, baked with rice, the ones you eat...te he te he...pass the gravy