Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun at the Beach!

My wife is pregnant and misses me at night, she doesn't get morning sickness, she gets evening sick. Since I normally work nights, sometimes it's hard for us to do anything, especially considering that I go to Orlando on sunday nites to help homeless people. I decided to stay home this weekend though, and let my partner Rafi handle Orlando. Kelly, KT and I went to the beach instead. Once again, KT was awesome at the beach. Having a child makes you aware of the world in ways you just don't appreciate when you are single, or married without kids. It reminds you of something. Something important, something that says, man, I bet I've got to make sure my priorities are right, cause if they aren't, man!

SO my priority today was to be with my family. I think I did ok, didn't wander to far afield alone, even though were were at Ft. DeSoto. Ft. DeSoto is THE Florida west coast spot to bird. Everyone talks about it to the point where I actually get kinda annoyed, cause I don't get to go a lot. ALl kinds of rare shorebirds show up there eventually. Me, I wasn't too ambitious, somebody had posted recent pictures of bonaparte's gull on the "birdbrainz" newslist I subscribe too that were taken at Redington Shores, just north of Ft. DeSoto. I thought, "I feel Lucky"...

KT chases birds, if you let her. I think there is something primal about that action, chasing birds helps us understand that, yes, sometimes things can fly! Alas, though, what's a card carrying member of the Audubon society supposed to do when his daughter is scowled upon by the Bird Police for "disturbing wildlife". I distracted my little squirrel with a shovel and bucket full of sand, and convinced my wife that a short trip down the beach would yield this mysterious bird, the elusive, the captivating, the Bonaparte's Gull. Besides, I was never more than a walkie-talkie call away. Half an hour later I walked back up to the shelter, no BOGU but still happy to see my wife and daughter. Screw the birds, I thought to myself, I'm getting wet in this water with my family!

The water wasn't bad, just cool enough to make sure you didn't stay in too long, KT and I played "Up and Down", and we ran along the shore. Kelly soaked her feet in the water, and videoed the shennanigans. After lunch I birded some more, but you know what, Everything was groovy without the birds.

Still no BOGU.

I'm an experienced birder, and will chase after species if given the chance, but while everyone else hunts down in the keys for loggerhead kingbirds, I'll sit back, enjoy the day, and watch my KT mock gulls.

I'm glad she's getting the last laugh...

GB HOYT out!

yes, that's a herring gull, and not a Bonaparte's at the top of the post.
I will get that bird one day... one day...

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