Monday, December 18, 2006

About Biking...

Whether birding or not, biking is great. Many of the birding trips I take I've done from the top of my wife's bike, or my own. The near silence of pedaling is something I cherish. One thing sticks out about biking about all else, it connects me with the trail. When I hike, or walk a trail, it's about the step, one step to the next, the jarring of each step adding to the slight ache of my feet. I hardly feel anything else but my chest moving up and down. When I bike, I feel my hands, my arms, my chest, my eyes, my legs, my knees, and I notice my feet less. It's like I'm something else besides feet!

That's a big deal for someone who's a geek like me.

So biking is great...
buff singletrack, or roadside, it's all good to me.

As far as birds go:
The story is now about American White Pelicans...

GB and KT


Gravy JMM said...

Hey K-Ro can you look at dada and say SLACKER BLOGGER

James said...


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Thank you in advance for your consideration. :)


The Louisiana Bayou Rat said...

No bike trips lately?? Air is gonna leak out the tires. Hey Kareaux. Grandpa